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Santos Brothers

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Santos Brothers

We are pleased to announce that Léo Santos and his brothers, especially Wagnney Fabiano, are opening an academy signed by his family, the Santos Brothers academy, the new headquarters of Nova União, in Ontario, Canada.

Wagnney Fabiano was one of the first Brazilians to exchange Brazilian lands for Canadian lands and take our BJJ there. He has been in Canada for about eighteen years and over this time, he has formed several black belts.

The consolidation of this Wagnney initiative culminated in the opening of his own academy to be a reference, for all branches of Nova União Canada, and especially to pass on the experience that the Santos family acquired during all these years of struggle.

Wagnney Fabiano | Achievements:

Black belt fifth degree in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Wendell Alexander
• 2017 - Brazilian Champion;
• 2017 - Pan American champion;
• 2017 - European Champion;
• 2017 - World Champion;
• 1998 – Terceiro lugar no mundo no Mundial;
• 1997 - Brazilian team champion;
• 1996 - Brazilian adult champion, brown belt;
• 1995 - Adult Pan American champion;
• 1995 - Adult Brazilian champion, in the purple belt;
• 1994 - Brazilian adult champion, blue belt;

Are you interested? Visit the gym, coming in September!

Address: 2486 Dufferin St., Toronto.

Follow Santos Brothers at Instagram: @santosbrothersbjj

Para mais detalhes, visite www.santosbrothersbjj.com



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