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What does invincibility mean to me?

by Léo Santos official website

What does invincibility mean to me?

Léo Santos celebrating

To be among the best in the world, in an organization like UFC it is already a great achievement for many athletes. But, being undefeated in the UFC, it is a feat that should be highlighted and remembered.

Dealing with defeat is not always easy either in professional life or even in personal life. I see many athletes who are becoming professionals in the MMA world, and are pursuing unbeaten. But, I would like to warn you, for me invincibility is a consequence of a path that I have been following since 2002. In other words, it is a state, and I know that it may not be forever.

But what about the defeat?

There are many factors that can impact the athlete in a fight, I mention some, high performance workouts, physical wear, debut at an event, weight loss, food, travel (most of the time), team, and especially family. My debut was nothing like what I expected. I fell in a parachute in Japan to fight none other than Takanori Gomi, former Pride champion, the “Fireball Kid”, at Shooto - Treasure Hunt 7. The result? Defeat. It hurt, but it served to show me that I needed to train more and more. After that, in the middle of 6 wins, I had two more losses. Sweat avoids blood!

Sobre a minha jornada de vitórias, invicto há 11 anos.

Minha última derrota foi em uma luta no Japão. Cheguei a achar que o país não me favorecia muitos rs. Esta luta foi em 2009, contra Kazunori Yokota, em uma decisão dividida. De lá para cá, foram 12 vitórias e 1 empate, 8 delas no UFC. Enfrentei caras duros como Kevin Lee, Adriano Martins e Steve Ray.

What if defeat comes?

We stick it in your pocket! Go back to the gym and train to come back better. Defeat has a bitter taste, but she is an excellent teacher. Defeat is part of sport or better of life. What examples can I give? Mike Tyson when he lost to Buster Douglas, the 1990 Russian Hockey team, Tiger Woods, US Olympic Basketball Team, and so on. Athletes like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are rare to see.

A hint? Invincibility is a natural consequence of countless factors, but it may not be eternal. Osss


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