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Nova União

by Léo Santos official website


Nova União

Admittedly Nova União is one of the most respected fighting teams in the world, the result of the competence and commitment of those in front of you.


In June 2018, Dedé Pederneiras took the fight world by surprise by announcing that he was no longer the leader of Nova União. Leader of Nova União since 1997, Dedé left the leadership to Leo Santos, who has since played a role crucial to the reformulation of the team.

With the experience acquired over the years alongside Dedé, Leo Santos managed to assemble a team around him facilitating the team's daily life and enabling their training, without hindering his career as an athlete.

Currently, Nova União has more than 400 units in the world, with more than 20 athletes with contracts signed with major MMA events, such as UFC, Bellator MMA, ACA, Shooto Brasil, among others, in addition to 20 athletes who have become world champions of Jiu-Jitsu.