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It's time to hang up the gloves

by Léo Santos official website

It's time to hang up the gloves


For me, a subject that seemed distant is now present in my life. One of the most difficult decisions in an athlete's life is deciding when to retire. Talking about MMA is not just about the 3 or 5 rounds he has to face, or the spotlight, flashes, and interviews. It's talking about our daily habits, time with our families, and our lifestyle choices. There is no half-athlete. Either you are 100% in or you are out. Until yesterday I was 100% in.

At this point, you've understood between the lines and you're right, I'm retiring. It's not because I don't love the sport anymore. I love martial arts, and I always will. However, I'm feeling that the time to stop is now. I look back and see that I achieved a lot throughout my career, it was not little, and I got to where every fighter would like to be in the biggest event in the world, the UFC!!

But I need to look ahead. Thank God I feel like I have nothing left to prove to anyone.

This is my choice. I always wanted her to be mine and not an imposition on others. It's the choice I made to live from now on. And certainly, it doesn't go without some reservations, feelings, memories, and thoughts, at least a little of each of these elements, because I'm definitely going to miss all this, the events, all this atmosphere, the campsites, everything and all related to this, related to my career.

Thank God for everything! A special thanks to my family for all the best you've always given me, you are my world! Thank you Dedé Pederneiras, Wendel Alexander, and all my teammates, friends, colleagues, and fans. Although I don't mention everyone's names, as it wouldn't fit right now, know that I am grateful to each one of you. I've met many people within the sport, over a lifetime, and that's priceless. You are amazing guys!

UFC, thank you, for being able to be a part of this company for 11 years. They were definitely moments that I will take with me throughout my life!

Thanks! Oss

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